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MidLake Art Studio is owned and operated by professional artist Tracy Gardner. Tracy was born in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. Primarily self-taught, she has been drawing since childhood. In high school, she began to use colour, eventually experimenting with paint. After a 10 year career in cartography, a renewed interest and energy came into Tracy’s painting. She does most of her work in oil on masonite and by painting several thin layers is able to achieve a smooth, translucent look. 

Tracy finds portraits to be her true passion.  She says "It's my way of connecting with people. To try to capture the mood behind the expression is one of my primary goals. A painting is something physical that makes us really look at things and contemplate, unlike an image in a book or on a computer screen; an original great work of art can move a person to tears.”

Tracy taught in Edmonton briefly and then moved to Calgary and opened up Midlake Art Studio in 2004 at the urging of friends Don and Veronica Sinclair, who were the owners of the Shadowbox Gallery in Midnapore. In January 2019, the studio relocated to its current location.

Self study and experimentation are ongoing and always keep Tracy in a state of learning. She attends workshops and lectures in the U.S. and abroad and has had the privilege of studying with some of the great artists of today - Daniel Sprick, David Kassan, Gregory Mortenson, and Scott Christensen, and others. Her students benefit greatly from her ongoing knowledge and generosity as they constantly learn to hone their craft. 

Nelson Shanks, recently deceased and one of today's preeminent artists, said: "An artist's job is learning to see". Tracy believes we need to pass that knowledge on in order to push art to its greatest level yet.